The Art of the Trade

May 19, 2020

Led by: NCMC Leadership Team

Hey massage therapists, when was the last time you received a massage? Some of you can’t even remember! While in massage school, many of us vowed to receive massage regularly after we graduated and, perhaps, we did pretty well in the beginning of our careers. And then…life happened and self-care was one of the first things to be pushed aside.

As LMTs, we are required to participate in hands-on learning hours. New theories and techniques are wonderful to learn, keeping us engaged in our work, and one of the best ways to learn a new technique is by trading sessions. Trading bodywork offers several important learning opportunities:

1. You are reminded of the impact bodywork has on the mind, body, and spirit.
2. You feel a different touch, picking up techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your own practice.
3. You can give and receive constructive feedback that clients don’t often feel comfortable giving.

It is imperative that bodyworkers exchange sessions with other bodyworkers. It keeps you in touch with your profession and your colleagues, gives you names (and you can attest to their touch!) of other therapists to refer clients to when necessary, keeps you motivated in your career, and gives your body the self-care you need.

Join us for an evening of trades and receive CE hours!

Led by the NCMC leadership team.