Asian Massage Establishments: Stereotypes and Truth

September 17, 2019

Presenter: Dari Lewis, LMT

Asian massage therapists face many challenges most of us will never see. Through this presentation, I hope to shed light on what’s really happening in this segment of our profession, beyond the stereotypes. What role can we play in helping licensed Asian Massage Therapists who are practicing legally share the same kinds of successes we do? (And what can we do about those who don’t?)

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I have been licensed since 1994 and left private practice in 2008 to open Ananda Massage Training for Transfers in Port Townsend. It was through this work that I found a great need for legitimate training for Mandarin speaking MTs and in 2013, I started a bilingual program. We have graduated approximately 350 students since then and have built a reputation in the community for education with integrity. Our mission is to merge the best of American and Chinese massage practices through a multi-cultural, bilingual massage training program, empowering graduates to get licensed and earn a living wage and be the change that overturns the negative stereotype associated with Asian massage.

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