Unwinding Fascia Research

October 16, 2018

Presenter: Michael Hamm, LMT


In the last 20 years, fascia research has generated strong adherents and inflamed reactions in our small world of bodywork. It can inform our understanding of human movement, self-perception, and immune
behavior. It’s also easy to oversell fascia research as an explanation for everything perceived in bodywork.

Can we be both inspired and skeptical at the same time? Can we use fascia research to inform our touch, to better understand injury and pain, and to guide the process of embodiment — without sacrificing our integrity as healthcare providers?

In this talk, we will cover the most exciting discoveries in fascia research, and what they do and don’t mean for our practice. We’ll touch on:
• Embryology and developmental movements.
• Fascial biomechanics, injury mechanisms, and training strategies.
• Immune and inflammatory processes, and how touch is likely to help.
• ‘Stuckness’ and release — Are we treating ‘adhesions’, stretching fascia… or something else?
• Interoception, proprioception, and embodiment: How does the nervous system use fascia to perceive the body?

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I’ve taught anatomy, research literacy, and technique in Seattle and around the US for the last 12 years. I’ve served as a committee chair, trustee, and conference presenter with the Massage Therapy Foundation. I serve as clinical director for a busy medical massage clinic, and sometimes I publish articles on massage therapy and fascia research. When not moving in these capacities, I make music.

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