Trauma, Massage, and Ethics

September 18, 2018

Presenters: Pat O’Rourke, LMT

Why massage, trauma, and ethics? Partly because many people don’t understand how trauma affects the people around them. In order to more effectively and more ethically treat people with a history of trauma in their lives, one can look into the causes, physiological processes and behavioral tendencies of people with exposure to difficult events.
As we understand how trauma affects us and others, we can more intelligently and compassionately discuss this and help to make our working relationships more ethical, fruitful, and safer.
We will spend four hours, first looking at the neurological and chemical aspects of trauma and then working with trauma behaviors, and ways to work with those behaviors to the best end for all involved.

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Pat O’Rourke has been an LMT since 1984 and taught at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle for 20 years. Her focus is on structural work, injury assessment and treatment, craniosacral work, and resolving pain, trauma, and discomfort.

Pat trained and certified as a teacher with Ben Benjamin for injury assessment and treatment; studied muscle energy technique with Rich Phaigh for further understanding of neurological holding and spinal dysfunction; is certified in the biodynamic model of craniosacral work, which adds a component of treating the nervous system and trauma; and is certified in structural integration through Tom Myers’s
KMI program. Her many years of teaching cadaver anatomy helped to round out the technical specificity necessary to understand the physical puzzle of the body.

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