Foam Roller Self-Massage for Athletes, Pre- and Post-Workout

March 19, 2019

Presenter: Daphne A Scott, LMT

Expand and explore a variety of Foam Rolling Skills applicable to pre- and post sports massage, as well as self-care for anyone. Discover how varying tools and techniques, depth, timing and tempo, as well as shearing degree, and rotation affect the experience and result. This presentation will involve some discussion and demonstration of key concepts and mostly individual and small group exploration. There will be supporting notes available for reference.

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Presenter’s Bio:
In 1998, as a new graduate of Seattle Massage School (Ashmead College), Everett, I started my own business called Health Massage/Transformations. As my massage work and my own interest in Track and Field intensified, my business transitioned to: Excellent Focus. In 2006, I started Masters Track and Field. Currently, I train intensely and compete at a National and World level. Years of personal experience plus feedback from many athlete clients about rolling has led to the development of my rolling techniques. I’ve refined rolling applications for use before, during and after activity, in training, competition and rehab situations. In addition to working with athletes, I teach undergraduate math at WWU. This aspect of my life also influenced how I apply rolling forces for different effects.