Yoga Mechanics at the Massage Table: Creating Longevity in the Massage Profession


UPDATE: due to unexpected circumstances this class had to be cancelled for this year


Class Description:
Do you feel physically drained, sore or in pain after your work day? Do you struggle with repetitive stress to your joints due to your work? This unique approach to body mechanics for bodyworkers is based on the yoga's principles of mindfulness and alignment. In this class, you will have the chance to practice yoga poses, and learn how to rely on the strength inherent in yoga's alignment to power your massage work -- offering relief to your arms and hands! Additionally, this class offers a mindfulness-based practice to help you avoid the repetitive stress injuries common to massage therapists.

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Instructor information:
Raizelah Bayen has been a practicing healing artist for over 30 years, offering both acupressure and massage therapy sessions, as well as instruction in yoga, massage and wellness workshops. With axillary training in both aromatherapy and herbology, her approach to health is well-rounded and holistic. Her bodywork is integrative, responsive to your individual needs, and always in service of embodied awareness.

Passionate about teaching, Raizelah has trained massage therapists for over 20 years, teaching not only skills, but also how to deliver compassionate touch with presence. Her massage school provides the foundation and instruction needed by massage therapists who envision blossoming into integrative health care by weaving tools from Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy. Her classes are holistic in nature, empowering you with skills in Eastern healing that can integrate with any bodywork modality.

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023 from 09:00AM-06:00PM

3 Oms Yoga,1319 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225

CE hours: 8

Tuition: $160.00

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