Intro to Esalen® Massage

Class Description:
Explore giving and receiving touch from a more centered, curious, and compassionate foundation, through presence based practices and Esalen Massage techniques. Using oil and appropriate draping, participants will practice giving and receiving a basic full body Esalen massage. Esalen Massage is characterized by long, flowing, full-body strokes, mixed with passive movements, stretches, rocking, and other techniques designed to relax and soothe the nervous and muscular systems and to invite increased awareness. After exploring the basic techniques of Esalen Massage, practitioners are supported and encouraged to drop the notion of working from a sequence, instead following their inner compass and tuning in to the feedback loop formed with their partner.

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Instructor information:
Patrick Stockstill is an Esalen® Massage teacher and practitioner, and a Deep Bodywork® practitioner who has led classes and workshops in Washington and California. He loves working with adults seeking to cultivate greater awareness through touch. He lives on Orcas Island, WA.

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 10:00AM-06:00PM

Presence Studio 1412 Cornwall Avenue Bellingham, WA 98225

CE hours: 8

Tuition: $100-150 sliding scale

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