Thoracic Release; Draped Chest Massage Treatment for Women

Class Description:
Thoracic Release is women specific massage treatment to the chest wall, which releases neck, shoulder and upper back pain. This treatment has been beneficial to women with cervical fusion pain, healing from breast reduction surgery, full or partial mastectomy with reconstruction surgery or scar tissue related pain from surgeries, stress or emotional holding and job related body mechanics pain.

*This 8 hour CEU is not apart of the WA state Breast certification class, which is 16 hours.*

This treatment is fully draped, working around the breast tissue, treating the muscles of the thoracic cavity.

Discussions prior to learning the treatment will be on *trauma and somato emotional holding* of the body. The chest is a vulnerable area and we need to bring awareness about this subject matter to health practitioners, be it seasoned LMTs or new LMTs.

* I will share my personal story and experience on emotional holding of the body for better understanding, versus teach out of my scope of practice.

Instructor's Massage License Number:
MA 60327955

Instructor information:
My name is Kate Ainsworth and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998, graduating from Florida College of Natural Health and Nutrition. Over the years as I developed my foundation as a LMT, I gravitated to emotional/psychological holding of the body within my practice due to my own personal healing with trauma. I found my passion in energy work, CranioSacral therapy (Upledger) and anything that spoke about healing the mind & body connection. I have been working in a medical office for 9 years now, and this is where treatment work has been a developing pathway to my craft to further my passion for healing. My personal journey as a therapist led me to be a healer or facilitator. I want to be apart of the client or patient’s journey, helping them be aware of their bodies needs and the ability to understand what they need to change mentally and how to heal themselves physically.

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 09:00 AM-06:00 PM

The Metta Center, 1602 Carolina St D12Bellingham, WA. 98229

CE hours: 8

Tuition: $170

How to Register:
Please call or text with interest to sign up. Payment is Cashier's Bank Check or Cash, sorry no apps available for payment.