Integrating Bodymind In Self and Clinical Practice

Class Description:
Explore and integrate the inter relational aspects of the body and the mind. Learn the newest science of how dysregulation and overwhelm affect our physical and mental systems. Learn practical skills of tapping into the 'inner landscape' to create more balance for yourself and your clients.

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MA 60318368

Instructor information:
Kelly has been practicing in the field of rehabilitative medicine for over 34 years. Her focus is not only on the physical issues that may be present in disease and dysfunction but also on the relationship of stress, cognitive belief patterns and emotions. Her focus is using biotensegrity principles as a foundation for evaluation of the global structure, along with implementation of targeted light touch manual therapies, movement integration and dialogue as a means to create three dimensional balance within the whole person.
She is an occupational therapist, certified hand therapist, holistic health counselor and a board-certified structural integrator and massage therapist.
She teaches nationally and internationally on the therapeutic method that she developed called Tensegrity Medicine. Kelly is on clinical faculty at the University of Washington’s rehabilitation department where she lectures on the topics of fascia, biotensegrity, innovative light touch manual therapies, and bodymind medicine. She also teaches internationally as a senior instructor for the Bowen Academy of Australia.
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Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (multiple sessions through November 30th, 2022) from 09:00AM-11:30AM

Schedule detail:
Class will begin on April 5th and will meet twice a month for 2.5 hour sections on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 9-11:30am. 1 -1 hour recorded lecture will be also be included. Class will be broken up into two sections where we will meet in April, May, June. We will take a break in the summer and resume meeting in September, October, November.


CE hours: 36

Tuition: $1,800 ($100 off before 03/01/2022)

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