Incorporating the Breast and Chest: 16 CE Credits for LMTs

Class Description:
In this 2-day class, students will learn massage of the ribcage, chest, and breasts, intended to support healthy breathing and overall wellness. This massage may benefit clients experiencing musculoskeletal neck, chest and shoulder related weakness or injuries, and also people with non-cancerous, breast tissue-related conditions such as menstrual-related tenderness, fibrocystic breast tissue, breast augmentation, breast reduction, gender transformation mastectomy, and other non-cancerous breast conditions. See for further class information or to register. Call or email instructor for more information.

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Instructor information:
My name is Lynna Dunn Fuller, and I am a licensed massage therapist and owner of Jubilee Family Massage. I am a 2008 Brenneke School of Massage graduate, specializing in massage that decreases pain and increases function (in the emotional as well as the physical realms).

Having been a student of Barbara Helynn Heard since my massage school days, and having been trained and mentored by her to do and teach breast and chest work in WA state, I knew that I wanted to help train others to do this work when she announced her retirement from teaching, early in 2021.
Incorporating the Breast and Chest is based strongly on the work and routines developed by Barbara, which I learned under her and am using with her permission. Including full chest and breast massage within full-body massage sessions supports healthy breathing, stress relief, shoulder and neck treatment, and general wellbeing. While some clients will have specific breast tissue issues and experiences (pregnancy, cancer, reductions, augmentations, etc.) and can get great help and relief from massage in this area, all clients can receive great benefit from this work.

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022 from 09:00 AM-06:00 PM

2304 H Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

CE hours: 16

Tuition: $325 prior to 9/1/22, $350 after 9/1/22

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