Chi Nei Tsang level 2

Class Description:
June 10-12. CE Massage & Acupuncture. Review and expand on the CNT 1 curriculum. Learn about the history and development of Chi Nei Tsang and Ampuku as a healing modality and its migration through in Asia.

Explore the breathing process, internal patterns of tension and chi flow, and the resulting mis-alignments of the posture. Understand how posture affects organ health and learn to access and identify where fascial stress is inhibiting movement in the body. Learn treatments to purge stagnant energy from the body by “chasing the winds” through the meridians of the arms, legs, and chest.

Enjoy the benefits of Bone Breathing Qigong to prevent osteoporosis and Swimming Dragon for the spine.

We will be using herbal poultices in our treatments, and discussing the actions of Asian and local herbs. Bring the modern day problem of carpal tunnel into line with a treatment adapted from Asian body therapies.

Understand how to reposition the Uterus, Bladder and Prostate for better health and chi flow.

Learn a psoas release technique and advanced techniques, stretches and guided movement awareness for releasing pelvic tensions that cause pain.

Introduction to healing with sound and tuning forks.

We will practice several CNT 2 treatment protocol for chasing the winds adapted to the needs of the client.

Learn how the I Ching Bagua has been used historically in healing sessions.

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Instructor information:
Instructor Caryn Boyd Diel was recognized as a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao in 2014 by Master Mantak Chia in Switzerland. She has thoroughly studied and developed the Level 2 CNT materials to bring this powerful advanced course to students.

She is currently writing the CNT level 2 instruction manual for students which will be published in late 2022.

Date: Friday through Sunday, June 10-12th, 2022 from 09:00 AM-05:00 PM

The Metta Center Bellingham

CE hours: 21

Tuition: $425

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