Thumbs Free Massage of the Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Class Description:
Thumbs hurt? Don’t worry, you won’t need them in this hands-on class. In fact, you may never need to use them in your practice again…

As tools, thumbs are just too small for the jobs to which we traditionally assign them. Taught by Kay Rynerson, LMT, RTT (Registered Thai Therapist), this hands-on class will give you the techniques you need to work on a client’s back, neck, and shoulders—all without your thumbs.

Drawn from many different traditions, this work is largely indebted to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, which employs your forearm. You will also use your fists, fingers, and elbows. You can work light, you can work deep, you can work in between, but in any case, you can have a long and lucrative career without ever injuring your thumbs.

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Instructor information:
Kay Rynerson, Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Thai Therapist, graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1988 and subsequently studied in Thailand, where she received her teaching certificate in Chiang Mai for Traditional Massage of Thailand.

Kay maintains a private practice in Seattle using many different modalities including Thai massage, table massage, The Rossiter System, Barefoot Body Bliss (with bars in the ceiling), advanced myofascial work, spa treatments, and more.

She teaches workshops here and internationally.

For more information, or to order instructional books and/or DVDs, please email Kay at or go to

Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019 from 11:00am to 3:00pm

Location:  The Metta Center 1602 Carolina Street, Suite D12 Bellingham, WA 98229

CE hours: 4 hours

Tuition:$65 ($60 for Massage Envy employees)

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