Chi Nei Tsang 1 Retreat

Class Description:
Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is not only a body therapy technique but a lineage practice involving training in energy cultivation (qigong) and alchemical Taoist meditations to heal the body, mind, and spirit. You will learn Taoist Bone Breathing Qigong and the 6 Healing Sounds meditation for emotional organ healing. There will be a special Taoist meditation practice for the Summer Solstice and an introduction to Forest Breathing. Our days will begin at 9am with Qigong outside, next to the Yurt. During class we will move consciously through each of the organ systems, learning how to access the knowledge of the body with our hearts and our hands. After class take a short hike, relax in the hot tub or sit around the fire pit and gaze up into the trees. There is a 2-hour dinner break every day. Plan to arrive on June 17 in the evening. End your day with Tao Yin; Taoist yoga, specifically designed to open the meridians through stretching and breath work promoting deep and restful sleep. Communal kitchen and hot tub on site. Bring food and swimsuit. Stores nearby.

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Instructor information:
Caryn Boyd Diel is the founder of White Cloud Institute. She enjoys teaching others how the human energy field contributes to health and the evolution of consciousness. She combines cutting edge quantum physics with ancient Taoist teachings into her ever-evolving curriculum. Caryn teaches Chi Nei Tsang, Crystal Healing and Energy Medicine, Breast massage, Pelvic Health, Qigong & Meditation, Taoist
Studies, Love & Destiny Cards, Healing Love for Men and Women, Essential Oils, MELT, and many other classes. For more information on certification courses or continuing education visit the website;

Date: Tuesday-Friday, June 18-June 21, 2019 from 9:00am to 7:30pm

Location:  CedarTree House in Bellingham, WA

CE hours: 35 hours

Tuition: $550 with $250 housing option

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